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Nicholson Steam Trap was founded in 1883 and produced a variety of steam specialty products at their facility in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The company began manufacturing steam traps in the early twentieth century and, by the 1930's; Nicholson had pioneered a wide range of bellows-activated thermostatic traps.

Today, Nicholson builds a broad selection of Thermostatic, mechanical, thermodynamic and drain orifice traps as well as a number of steam specialty products in their modern facility at Walden, New York.

Clean Steam is high purity steam that is sterile and pryogen free. It is used by hospitals and research institutions as well as in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnical, Electronics, Food and Cosmetics Industries.

Nicholson has become an innovator in Clean Steam applications through extensive research and development and by working closely with major engineering firms in the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industries throughout the United States. From revolutionary new designs, such as the CDH Series, to the value oriented DS100 Series, Nicholson innovations set the standard for Clean Steam management. Steam traps meet ASME BPE requirements.

Nicholson Steam Trap is an ISO 9001 manufacturer of a full line of steam specialties including steam traps, condensate pumps, sanitary steam products, air traps and gasketed unions. Nicholson Steam Trap is part of Spence Engineering Company, Inc., a division of Circor International, a NYSE company.